BraveLove's Virtual 5K Run/Walk

Looking for a way to get involved with BraveLove? 

Join us Saturday, December 18th
for our second annual Virtual 5k Run/Walk.


It's a simple way to spread the BraveLove and get outside and raise awareness about adoption.  A newly designed t-shirt is included with your registration.   

Click here to register & get your shirt.
(Use the discount code 5K2021)

Here's what is involved:

hearticon.pngRegister online by purchasing the 5k t-shirt:  $40 per person (read below about family registration)

hearticon.pngCommit to walking or running a 5k any time of the day on Saturday, December 18th.  You pick your course.

hearticon.pngTake a photo wearing your BraveLove shirt(s) and tag @joinbravelove on social media. 

hearticon.pngIf you're the competitive type, submit your exact distance and time, and we'll track how far we've traveled as a group. 

The Questions

ACS_1519.JPGWhat is a virtual 5k run/walk?

That means that you are walking or running in your area. You pick where you want to go and who you want to do it with. You can also do it solo!

The point is that people all across the country will be running or walking on the same day raising awareness for BraveLove and advocating for birth moms.  You can even do your run in honor of someone!  Maybe a friend who was adopted?  Or perhaps your parents or birth parents? 

What are the registration fees for?

Our registration fee is $40 for adults.  Registration fees help cover the cost of t-shirts, shipping, and handling.  They also go towards benefitting the work of BraveLove.  If you're wanting to register your whole family, see below.

How do I register my family for the 5k?

When you purchase the new 5k t-shirt, you're registered.  So if you're trying to register multiple people, you need to purchase multiple shirts for all those wanting to participate.  We do have kids' t-shirts but NOT in this new design, unfortunately.  

How do I register?

Purchase a shirt online here.  That indicates your registration.  Use this discount code 5K2021 to remove shipping fees.  


What do the t-shirts look like? 

They are long-sleeve, gray, and say BraveLove in red across the front.  They are just as soft as our short-sleeve t-shirts.  Check them out here.

Do you have t-shirts for kids?

We sure do!  Shop online here if you're interested in a baby onesie, toddler t-shirt, or youth t-shirt.  Though note, we don't have this new design in kids sizes.


What if I just want the t-shirt and can't commit to the 5k? 

You can still buy it from our Shop.

What if I want to participate but already have a BraveLove t-shirt, do I still register?

If you plan to run/walk on December 18th, then wear whatever BraveLove gear that you've got.  But note - this is a brand new BraveLove t-shirt so you'll want to get it.

What if I don't have the funds to register, but I really want to participate and get a t-shirt?

Just contact us, and we can work something out.

IMG_2223_(1).jpegDo I have to run? 

No - you can also walk, rollerblade, scoot, bike!  

How do I get my t-shirt(s)? 

Once you purchase it online, we'll mail it to you.  December 14th is the last day to register in which we can guarantee your shirt will arrive in time.

What if I want to do the 5k, but I don't want the t-shirt? 

You can still join us - but the point is to publicly promote BraveLove.  So wear another BraveLove t-shirt if you've got it. 

What if I can't get out and actually run/walk, but I want to support?

You can support BraveLove by donating! Here's the spot to do that online.  If you'd rather write a check, make check payable to BraveLove and mail to BraveLove, 2633 McKinney Ave, #130-266, Dallas, TX 75204.

IMG_3088.jpegHow far is a 5k?

3.106 miles

What do BraveLove donations help fund?

Donations fund BraveLove's communication, education, and birth mom support efforts. For example:

Communication — To reduce the stigmas of adoption, BraveLove creates short films, shares stories, and advertises pro-adoption media campaigns.

Education — BraveLove produces and distributes educational resources nationwide to health clinics, resource centers, and other maternity service providers to empower women in unplanned pregnancies with the information they need to consider adoption as an option.

Support — To honor birth mothers post-placement, BraveLove hosts dinners nationwide around Mother's Day and Nat'l Adoption Month as well as helps connect birth moms with support groups and post-adoption resources in their communities.


Click here to register & get your shirt.
(Use the discount code 5K2021)

December 18, 2021 at 6:00am - 10pm
Alex · · 214-272-0610