A Birth Mother’s Heart

Last Tuesday, BraveLove joined a webinar called "A Birth Mother’s Heart," which was hosted by one of our wonderful partner agencies, Lifeline Children's Services. Two inspiring women, Katie and Deborah, shared their stories. Though from different circumstances, these women had one common thread weaving them together – they each placed a child for adoption. 

We listened as they shared their heroic stories detailing the impact adoption has had on their lives. Katie, who chose open adoption for her son, explained the importance of trust throughout the adoption process. She said:

“You have to consider a birth mother trusts you with their child for their whole life. You also have to trust the birth mother. You have to make sure you are willing to include someone in your child’s life. It takes a lot of trust. It is a very unique, very beautiful relationship; I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Indeed, the relationship between a birth mother and an adoptive mother is one that is extremely unique, beautiful, and trust-filled. A big thanks to Lifeline Children’s Services for facilitating this conversation and to Katie and Deborah for their willingness to share their stories of BraveLove and speak to the heart of a birth mother!

To watch this webinar and hear Katie and Deborah’s full story, click here.