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Zoe's adoption


I placed my daughter (Zoe) for adoption 11 years ago. I was 17 at the time and ready for my senior year in high school, and Zoe’s birth dad was 23. I decided I wanted to place her for adoption as I knew I wasn’t able to provide for her the way a parent needs to. 

I knew we would be faced with many hardships as I grew up in a single parent home. After she was born, she was placed in foster care for 6 weeks. It was supposed to be 2 weeks, however her birth dad brought me to court for custody. Therefore, I took Zoe from the foster home to my home. Can you imagine?? Going through the grief and loss at the hospital and now here I was with my daughter, with no clue how to be a parent!

Kevin's story

Screen_Shot_2015-10-02_at_9.05.03_AM.pngI have always wanted to be a father.  Even as a child I would think about what it would be like when, one day, I have a child of my own...

We are finishing the Extended Family Series today! We are sharing the story of Micah's adoption told by Kevin, his adoptive father. Find out how Kevin went from being closed to the option of adoption to experiencing a more open adoption then he ever could have imagined. Meet Kevin...

I thought of the things I would like to pass down to them, the experiences, the memories I would like to create with them, my faith, my fanboy level love of Superman. The one thing that never crossed my mind was adoption.  In all those dreams it was always assumed that the child would be of my flesh.  This is probably why it took me so long to come around to the idea of adoption. 

Marissa's Story

Screen_Shot_2015-09-14_at_3.09.42_PM.pngI never thought it would take nearly six years to build a family. Nor did I ever think I could love a child as much as I love our son, Micah...

In Part 1 of the Extended Family Series, we heard from Tiffany - birth mom to Micah. Then, in Part 2, we heard from Micah's birth father, Brian. Join us as we hear this same amazing story told through the eyes of Marissa, Micah's adoptive mother... 

After about a year or so of marriage, my husband and I decided it was time to start a family. After a year of no success, we sought the help of a fertility specialist. We were quickly told that both my husband and I had some serious infertility issues that were preventing me from becoming pregnant. So we went straight to In-Vitro Fertilization. After the first failed attempt, we tried again with no success. Finally we were told that it would be nearly impossible for us to conceive.

Brian's Story

image_(6).jpegI became a father at 22, people still ask me what that was like to become a father so young. I tell them it's like experiencing every wonderful feeling and every horrible fear all at once.

In Part 1 of the Extended Family Series, we heard from Tiffany - birth mom to Micah. Join us as we continue to journey through the same adoption story told through the eyes of Brian, Micah's proud birth father...

After the arrival of my first child, Erin, I fought to make it work. So when the relationship with Erin's mother fell apart so did I. I have spent the years since piecing my life back together and making sure I have a relationship with Erin as she grows up. So when I found out I was going to be a father again I knew I did not want to repeat what happened before. Plus I knew I was in no position to provide for this child, I was ill-prepared for the first one. 

Tiffany's Story


One conversation sparked a connection which would last a lifetime. 

This month, BraveLove is honored to share the Extended Family Series! Four narratives, told from the perspective of a birth mother, birth father and the adoptive parents they chose to raise their child. One couples unexpected plans led Brian, a birth father to reach out to his childhood best friend for help. You'll never believe where this conversation led them. Meet Tiffany, a birth mom, and learn what led her to consider adoption.

We found out I was pregnant May 5th 2014, though we knew before that. It was a reality I didn't want to face and so I kept putting off taking 'the test', because receiving that positive result meant making decisions I didn't even want to contemplate. I already over thought simple things, like what to eat based on nutritional content simply because I didn't feel well. How was I supposed to get absolutely anywhere deciding what do to with a kid I couldn't care for?

Two of a Kind

JenniferFamilyshot-header.pngIn honor of Mother’s Day, here's a story told by one woman who has actually walked in the shoes of birth mothers and adoptive mothers.

When faced with the challenges of infertility, grief, loss and fear, she developed a deeper compassion, a greater hope, and a more open heart than she ever could have dreamed possible. Meet Jennifer.

My story, just like so many others, is hard to put into words. Hard to put on paper all of the moments, thoughts, hurts, fears and celebrations that have brought me to the spot I stand in today.

My heart was pounding as we pulled into the agency to meet her. A beautiful young woman who had chosen us to parent her child. She was due any day. A boy would be born and I would bring him home. I would be his mommy! My heart was overwhelmed with that thought. I was in love with him already, but was overwhelmed with fear that she would change her mind. What if she was like the last birth mother? What if she changed her mind? What if I prepared my heart and home again, only to have her choose to parent? But I was also overwhelmed with grief. Grief for this beautiful soul who would soon have to do the most painful thing imaginable- to hand over her child to another woman. I think all adoptive mothers hurt for their birth moms, but it's different for me. I don't just hurt for her, I grieve with her. I understand and feel her pain in a way that few can.

Twice Blessed

Proud to be adopted, and prouder still to be a Birth Mother.

Another Mother’s day approaches. An overwhelming deep sadness rolls over and thru me. Sadness that has changed me and as the years go by, this sadness is turning, however slowly, into resolved contentment.

I am an adoptee.

I have been given the gift of unconditional love by my Birth Mother. She was faced with the hardest decision of her life. Newly divorced, rearing 3 children on her own and pregnant with me.

The day Truman was born…

Heidi_husband_truman.jpgShe chose us to raise a piece of her.

The day Truman entered this world truly started the day before! His birth mom Jamie had an appointment and she was gracious in allowing me to attend. She had changed clinics with only a few weeks left in her pregnancy because she wanted me as involved as possible and her previous doctor/hospital was not supportive of her hospital plan. I quickly realized Jamie was a “take the bull by the horns” type of girl! She knew what she wanted for her little boy and having me there was part of that. (I know, she’s amazing, right??)

Back to her appointment! I was always nervous to see her because as the potential adoptive parent you worry you will say the wrong thing. I could tell the week before the stress and anxiety of life was weighing heavy on her, so much so that her blood pressure was climbing higher each week. This appointment was no different, her blood pressure was really high and Elissa (her midwife) said it was “GO TIME!” In this moment it took all my effort to not leap for joy and smile ear to ear because it was not lost on me that Jamie was about to go down a road that she knew she wouldn’t turn back from. The balance of wanting her to know how excited I was and being sensitive to her is the hardest place I have ever had to walk.

Placing Truman


Meet Jamie, a birth mom! Discover what led Jamie to the decision to place her son Truman for adoption.

Most people generally know me as a hard working single mother with one son. Most people don't know I have two. I was being a parent in making the decision I wasn't able to care for my youngest the way I do for my oldest. I was so torn when I found out I was pregnant; I was already 6 months along. I knew I would not be able to provide for my unborn like I am able to for my youngest and that's why I chose adoption.

When the agency gave me books of families to look I was immediately drawn to them. When I saw Heidi's pictures I knew right away her and Andy were perfect. I said, “this is it” right away. They advised me to take a few days, however I looked at the book about a thousand times and my son kept playing with their book. There was no doubt in my mind and my heart, they were it.

Adopting Finlay

Four months ago, my husband and I adopted baby Finlay. Finlay is a miracle to us – the child we’ve been preparing for all these years.

I have wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember, but my womb had other ideas. Without Finlay, I would be a sad, miserable woman with an excess of love in her heart and nothing to spend it on. Finlay has completed us. But we could not have gained this wonderful little human without his incredible birth mother.

Fertility Frustration

Infertility and the frustration and constant heartbreak of failed fertility treatments were really taking a toll on my mental health and our relationship. I felt like a failure as a woman…