Birth Mom Dinner at Eno’s Pizza Tavern

BraveLove Birth Mother Dinner in Dallas, TX

On Thursday, March 19, we hosted a dinner for birth moms at Eno’s Pizza Tavern in Dallas, Texas. Women drove from Dallas, Ft. Worth and even as far as Houston! Around the table, there were mostly new faces and a few familiar ones.

We do these from time to time as a simple way to honor birth moms and allow them to connect with one another. Why? So birth moms know that they’re not alone. These dinners allow some face time with the women we champion. But most of all, the purpose of the dinners is social - eat good food and connect birth moms to one another. 

We love our birth mom dinners because it’s a way we, as an organization, can gather a group of women who have one very courageous thing in common - placing a child for adoption.

If you or someone you know would be interested in joining us for our next BraveLove birth mom dinner, let us know! And we’ll make sure they get the invite.

Stay tuned for details coming about a very special Birth Mother’s Day Dinner next month. You won’t want to miss it! (Here’s a little hint: Neighbor's Table)