Dear (13 year old) Seth,

Today you are 13… a teenager! Wow…

I imagine what you’re like… What kind of young man you are becoming…

I remember being 13. I remember the highs and the lows. I remember the first boyfriend and the first kiss. I remember the awkwardness of wondering where I fit in. I remember trying to figure out who I was and more importantly who I wanted to become.

Who are you at 13? Are you interested in girls? What kind of music do you like? Is your favorite color still green just like “mummy’s”? Are you more interested in being outdoors riding your bike or do you only want to play video games? Are you popular, in the background, or somewhere in the middle?

What does your voice sound like? As the child-ness leaves your face are your features more similar to mine or your father’s? Is your hair still blonde or has it darkened to brown? Do you talk with your hands or are you more calm?

Are you happy? Is your family all that I had hoped it to be? Do you have any memories of the 2 years, 6 months and 10 days that it was just you and me?

I wish I could write a letter about how proud I am of you. I wish I could write a letter sharing some of the funny things you have done this past year. I wish I could write a letter pointing out all of your accomplishments.

But all you are is a hope in my heart… a dream in my soul.

I love you Seth… More and more everyday. I savor the memories I have. I soak in the images of your face through the pictures I have of your first 8 years. I dream of your happiness. I hope for your future.

I live for the day I see your face again. I live for the day we can know each other again.

All my heart and soul, Mummy