Birth Mom Dinner Kit

Thanks to you and your hospitality, BraveLove's Birth Mom Dinners are happening this year on Thursday, May 9th! 


Birth Mom Dinner Host Kit

What You Need To Host a Birth Mom Dinner

We've gathered all the stuff you're going to need to host your Birth Mom Dinner.

Common Questions

Please read through all of these. If you have other questions that aren't listed here, then let us know.


What to expect when.

Community Outreach

We love it when hostesses get the community involved with their dinners. For example, this could include but is not limited to donated flowers, discounts on catering, etc. Sometimes it's helpful to have something that explains BraveLove as you ask individuals and/or organizations to consider supporting in some way.

Download and print this letter to share. It explains BraveLove's mission, the purpose of the dinners, why their involvement makes a difference. Plus it includes our Tax ID # (EIN) which is 45-4696512.

Shared Google Sheet with Spring 2024 Guest Lists

Linked HERE

Once registration opens, you'll want to regularly update and check this spreadsheet. Make sure to only reference your city's tab.

2024 Spring Dinner Invites

14.jpg     Atlanta.jpg     Charleston.jpg

Columbia.jpg     fortworth.jpg     McKinney.jpg

Milwaukee.jpg     Nashville.jpg     Richmond.jpg

Rochester.jpg     SanDiego.jpg     Spokane.jpg

Springfield.jpg    WashingtonDC.jpg

Guide for the Night

Read through here. You will receive a hard copy of this too. 

Safety Reminders & Precautions:

  • Be clear to your guests in advance (either via email or text) about where to park, regardless of where the dinner is happening - restaurant or private residence.
  • Share your contact info with them in case they have difficulty finding the location.
  • If someone leaves early, have a guest or host walk out with them or keep an eye on them as they're getting into their car to depart.
  • When the dinners are over, make sure people figure out where they're going before they leave (so they aren't sitting in their car messing with their phone).

Got other questions? Then contact us and we'll answer.