Birth Mom Dinner Timeline

Here's a detailed timeline so you're in the loop and moving forward with your dinner plans...


For a Great Dinner

Bonus Points!

Early April
  • Choose the venue — at a private residence or restaurant — it's your pick!

  • Read through the entire Host Kit so you know what to expect

  • Send your address to BraveLove so they know where to mail your package (Dinner Party in a Box) - if you are co-hosting, provide only one mailing address

  • Brainstorm the menu and decorations 

  • If you're hosting in a home, are you going to cook? Get friends to cook? Or get the dinner catered? All great options. Be realistic as to how much you can handle.
  • If you're hosting alone, find a friend or fellow birth mom to co-host with you; divide and conquer the tasks together!
Week of
April 13
  • BraveLove will officially announce the dinners, promote online & open online registration

  • Once your city is announced that week on social media, then you can start announcing publicly on social media too
  • You will start receiving RSVPs this week!

  • If you are co-hosting, delegate one person to correspond with guests

  • Ideally, within 24 hours of receiving an RSVP, correspond with that guest, introduce yourself and confirm their RSVP. If you've confirmed your dinner location, then let them know that information as well. 

    Note: BraveLove does not publicly advertise the address of any dinner location. That information is passed through you directly to your guests.
  • Get an in-kind donation of food and drinks from a local restaurant, grocery store or caterer

  • Maybe you want to go the extra mile and hang some string lights or tie balloons
Two weeks prior
  • Confirm menu and decorations — are you making your own flower arrangements, asking a friend for help or purchasing?

  • If you're hosting in a private residence, make sure you're squared away on tables, chairs, plates, napkins, cups, etc. — are you needing to borrow or rent?

  • Add a few extra gifts for the birth moms to take home 
Week of the dinner
  • Early in the week, registration will close so people can no longer RSVP (sometimes we make exceptions if you're trying to boost your RSVPs)

  • Touch base with all of your birth moms either by text, email or phone to confirm that they're still attending. Resend the address and remind about the parking situation ...and any other notes you wish to provide! 

  • Re-read the Guide for the Night

  • Look outside and make it clear where the dinner is happening - hang a sign, tie balloons, etc.
Day of
  • Set your table(s) - don't forget the place cards!

  • Set out BraveLove gifts (either at each place setting or grouped together in a designated spot so people won't leave without them)

  • Find a spot for the sign-in sheet

  • Set up food and drinks – are you doing buffet or family-style?

  • If you have volunteers helping, identify and assign who you need doing what — you can't do it all! 
  • Send an individual text to all those who have RSVP'd reminding them of the time and location and that you're so excited they're coming! This will help ease anxiety for some and may help encourage those who were contemplating canceling.
Night of the dinner
(Sat, May 9th)
  • To avoid feeling flustered as the host, be ready early because some of your guests will arrive early and you want to be prepared to chat rather than running around 

  • Welcome your guests!

  • Once most guests have arrived, get started by welcoming everyone as a group or letting people get food (and then welcome)

  • Remember to snap photos throughout the night - don't forget the group photo!
Day after
(Sun, May 10th)
  • Email any pictures from the dinner directly to BraveLove ([email protected])

  • Communicate to those who didn't show up that they were missed and that you'll keep them posted on future meet-ups or events
  • Send a personal communication to all of those who attended with something like "Thank you for coming! I loved meeting you... thinking of you this Mother's Day."
A week later
  • Mail stuff back to BraveLove. You will have a prepaid return envelope enclosed with your Dinner Party in a Box. Enclose leftover money, all receipts, and leftover swag and gifts. Drop this package off at the nearest USPS location.

  • Update the shared Google doc by marking those who attended, those who canceled and those who were no-shows 

  • BraveLove will send out a communication to all of those 
Month or so later
  • Start thinking about a meet-up for the summertime. You pick the date and place and then spread the word to all of those who attended this date to your guests
  • Coordinate this meet-up with your co-host or someone else that attended the dinner