Frequently Asked Questions

BraveLove is a nonprofit organization based out of Dallas, Texas and is changing the way our culture thinks about adoption so that it becomes a more common and supported path for those in unplanned pregnancies. Through the creation and distribution of compelling media and messaging, BraveLove shows how adoption is an amazing act of love and bravery.

BraveLove creates pro-adoption media campaigns, broadcasts hopeful adoption stories, and distributes adoption resources to pregnancy centers and maternity service providers nationwide. Uniquely, BraveLove is not a direct service provider, but rather partners with individuals and organizations, like you, who provide services to those in unplanned pregnancies.

Currently, we partner with the following types of organizations that serve expectant parents and/or birth parents: adoption agencies, adoption attorneys, pregnancy resource centers, health clinics, maternity homes, post-adoption support groups, counselors. This year, we are expanding our network to include medical professionals.

Regardless of political, religious or ideological affiliation, BraveLove partners with groups that acknowledge adoption as a courageous choice for those in unplanned pregnancies. Although a partner is not required to agree with every BraveLove position and vice versa, a partner supports the general goal of BraveLove, which is to see adoption become a more supported option.

BraveLove partners with adoption agencies nationwide. We call these our Partner Agencies — this map shows who they are. Some of these agencies are small and only serve a limited area, and others are large and have multiple locations across the country. We've vetted them on the following criteria: their quality care, professional services, and how they treat birth parents before, during and after placement. At the end of the day, it is the birth mother's decision. She has the right to choose whichever adoption agency she wants to work. Our hope is that because of BraveLove's message, she’ll consider adoption as an option if she’s in an unplanned pregnancy and be connected to reputable and ethical adoption agencies, like our Partner Agencies.

BraveLove Members are any individual or organization that actively use BraveLove resources to educate their clients/patients on adoption. The majority of today's Members are pregnancy resource centers across the United States.  

BraveLove Members are any individual or organization that actively use BraveLove resources to educate their clients/patients on adoption. They have access to BraveLove's online Resource Library and use the resources and website to educate their clients on the empowering option of adoption.

There is no cost to become a Member. Because of generous donors and Ambassadors, these resources are available to those who will use them. If you support BraveLove's mission to change the perception of adoption, we invite you to make a donation of any amount, which will allow us to produce more resources, create more media campaigns, and share more stories that show the world adoption is a brave choice.

We welcome your suggestions of new resources. All suggestions will be read, reviewed and considered by BraveLove. You can make those online within the Resource Library.