Fully Loved: Thoughts on what it means

Isn’t it interesting that the English language has only one word to express this complex emotion? In one sentence, we use this word love to express our affections toward our morning cup of coffee, only to be immediately followed by the words I love you towards the ones we hold closest.


We recently heard an adoptive mom say, “To love someone fully is to allow them to love someone else.”

When asked about her experience with her daughter’s open relationship with her birth mother, her answer was that of pure joy, excitement and open-handedness. Isn’t this the way we should approach loving others? It’s the feeling a father gets when walking his daughter down the aisle to give her away to her future husband. It is when we see the value in loving someone so much that we allow him or her to truly love others where we have come to understand the bravest kind of love.

BraveLove is a certain kind of love, which takes great courage, sacrifice and trust. We are so thankful to adoptive parents and birth mothers for offering this kind of love.

Will you share your thoughts on what this idea means?
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