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*Double your impact. Any gift of $100 or more will be matched, dollar for dollar.*

Imagine a culture where adoption becomes a more supported path for those in unplanned pregnancies.

When you support BraveLove, you make that possible.

  • When do I donate?  You can donate anytime on Thursday, September 17th - morning, noon, or night. Though technically BraveLove Giving Day starts and ends at midnight CST.

  • Can my gift be matched?  Any gift of $100 or more will be matched.

  • What will my donation help fund?  Giving Day donations fund new videos, the production and distribution of adoption resources nationwide, National Adoption Month campaigns, and future birth mother dinners.

  • Where do I donate?  Right here at BraveLove.org/give.

  • Can I donate monthly?  Yes! We love our monthly donors, also known as our Ambassadors. Simply select "monthly" up above (instead of One-time).

  • Can I pay by check?  Yes.  We recommend donating online, but we do accept checks. Make the check payable to BraveLove and note "Giving Day" in the memo. In order for your gift to qualify towards our fundraising goal, your envelope needs to postmarked by September 17th. Our mailing address is 2633 McKinney Ave, #130-266, Dallas, TX 75204.

  • Are you also participating in North Texas Giving Day?  We are not participating in North Texas Giving Day (even though it's the same day).

BraveLove is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Donations & contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Questions regarding your donation, contact [email protected].

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