BraveLove Giving Day: September 17, 2015

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Contributions are tax-deductible.

BraveLove Giving Day is officially over...

Every dollar donated to BraveLove today (September 17th) will be doubled, thanks to a matching grant!

Your dollars will enable us to share more stories like Adrianne's and show the world that adoption is a brave choice. Will you help by supporting the work we do? BraveLove Giving Day is the best day to give to BraveLove. 



What will my donation help fund?  Donations from BraveLove Giving Day will go towards media advertising during November's National Adoption Month and distributing adoption resources to more service providers nationwide, like pregnancy centers and women's health clinics.

When do I donate?  You can donate anytime on Thursday, September 17th - morning, noon or night. Though technically BraveLove Giving Day ends at midnight CST on Thursday

Where do I donate?  Right here at

Can I pay by check?  We recommend donating online, but we do accept checks. Make the check payable to BraveLove and note "Giving Day" in the memo. In order for your gift to qualify towards the match, your envelope needs to postmarked by September 17th. Our mailing address is 2633 McKinney Ave, #130-266, Dallas, TX 75204.

Are you also participating in North Texas Giving Day?  Since we're a national organization, we're not participating in North Texas Giving Day.

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Howard Williams
Eliot Kerlin
Michele Vicente
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JoAnne and Eddy Moore
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Peter Crow
Eva Ann Cunningham
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Elizabeth Glaser
Ellen Rossini
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Delynn Crofford
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Temple Ashmore
Emily McKeaigg
Margaret Hackbarth
Emily Leonard
Virginia Sinclair
Stephanie and Jim Porter
Judy Ferguson
Shirley A. Apprill
Carly Basham
Gay Rekerdres
Nelson DeVega
$42,451.11 raised
GOAL: $40,000.00
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Donate by Check

Make checks payable to BraveLove. Then mail to 2633 McKinney Ave.,
#130-266, Dallas, TX 75204.