DFW Birth Mother Support Group

The Gladney Center for Adoption offers a birth mother support group for any woman who has placed a child for adoption. This special and meaningful group is designed to bring birth mothers together to share their experiences in a safe, nurturing and warm environment. This group meets the 1st Tuesday evening of each month from 7-8:30pm. Other support services include:
- Ongoing clinical services for Gladney birth parents and their families
- Private Facebook group for Gladney birth mothers
- Birth Mother’s Day celebration
- Dinner provided at monthly support group meetings

What other birth moms are saying about this support group...

"Being in this support group has really helped me through my adoption. I have these other women, who know exactly how I’m feeling, to talk to. They have given me great advice whenever I ask for it. They can tell you what they went through and how they handled a certain situation. I would recommend this group because birth moms need other birth moms to talk to. It’s not that they aren’t able to talk to their friends or family, but having someone who knows how you’re feeling and how they have handled a situation can be so helpful. At every meeting I feel like we are one big family. We laugh, we cry, we can be ourselves with each other. This group makes me realize that I made the best decision by choosing adoption." - Brittney

"Support was something I never thought was necessary for me. Being adopted made me think that I could handle being a birth mom without feeling anything but happy. It took me four years to finally step into the birth mom support group at Gladney, but guess what? I was so wrong! Being in the support group washes me with this joy that is overwhelmingly beautiful. Just being around women who share this amazing commonality with me, envelopes me in comfort. To hear the stories of strength, joy, and tears, empowers me and lets me know that I don’t have to face the world alone. At Gladney's support group, even if I don't need to get anything off my chest, it's wonderful to be able to fellowship with such selfless and influential women. Not everyone understands our journey, but when I walk through those doors, they do, and it’s a completely judge free zone to just be myself. Sometimes we just need that support to grow us, and I'm so thankful for Gladney providing that to birth moms just like me." - Katie

To get more information and RSVP, contact Heather. 

November 07, 2017 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Gladney Center for Adoption
6300 John Ryan Dr
Ft. Worth, TX 76132
United States
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Heather Rogers · · 817-922-6085
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