How do I handle the money that BraveLove gives me? Do I spend all of it or a portion of it?


You're going to be receiving a $600 check from BraveLove — $25 per person plus a $100 stipend to be used towards extras - decorations, flowers, etc.

You may need to spend some money before you have a confirmed headcount. That said, cash the check and spend as needed. Just remember to SAVE ALL OF YOUR RECEIPTS. Sometimes it helps to do your shopping closer to the dinner date when you have a better idea of what you're projected turnout is going to be.

Not all dinners are going to have 20 people, therefore you may have leftover money. Whatever money you don't end up using, send back to BraveLove. We prefer a check, but you can do online if that's easier for you.

Fun Math Problem: You're expecting 10 birth moms to attend your dinner. But 2 people cancel at the last minute so you only have 8 attend. That means, you probably spent around $350 since you spent nearly all of your stipend and then got enough food for 10 people. So we'd expect that you would return around $250 to BraveLove. 

If the per-person amount was less than $25 then you should have some leftover money that you can reallocate towards the dinner or return to BraveLove. If the per-person amount is more than $25 then dip into your stipend to cover the difference.

We want the dinner to feel special. We're trusting you to make that happen! 

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