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One way to honor birth moms is by supporting BraveLove.

When you support BraveLove, you are giving women a hopeful choice amidst a stressful time. You are honoring those who have made this courageous decision in the past and empowering women in the future to know there’s no shame in considering adoption.

No matter how big or small, your donation goes towards reducing the stigmas of adoption and showing the world that adoption is a brave choice.  Whether you give $25 a month or $250, your donation creates pro-adoption media campaigns, broadcasts hopeful adoption stories, delivers resources nationwide, and honors birth mothers.

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*If you choose to make a donation in honor of someone specific, BraveLove will automatically notify the recipient by e-mail and include your name.  Please remember to include their name and e-mail address in the field above.  If you would rather notify them directly (and personally), then you do not need to disclose their e-mail address.