How do I submit an adoption story?


Send it to us here! We’re interested in all kinds of stories about (domestic infant) adoption. We’ve all been touched by adoption in some way, shape or form. Whether you’re a birth parent, adoptee, adoptive parent, friend, teacher, pastor, grandparent, sibling, you have your own perspective on adoption, and it’s powerful and relatable to hear the different perspectives. The purpose of BraveLove’s platform is to encourage stories of bravery. Maybe your story is in the form of a letter, video, narrative or poem - that’s great! We welcome the creativity. Submit your story; we promise we read them all. Keep in mind, we do have some criteria, which we’ve listed below.

  1. No agency/organization-promotion (i.e. fine to mention organizations, but please avoid logos)
  2. No self-promotion (i.e. “We’re a family looking to adopt a baby.”)
  3. Content upholds the idea that adoption can be a beautiful thing & birth mothers are heroes
  4. No foul or offensive language, no graphic images
  5. Must guarantee that information is honest and truthful (We’ll have you sign a release form to authorize this.)
  6. Answer this question: What’s your intent in posting your adoption story on
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