How does someone get involved or volunteer with BraveLove today?


The best way to get involved with BraveLove is to become an Ambassador, which means you're a monthly recurring donor that supports the ongoing work we do to promote adoption through media. Other ways to get involved include sharing your creative skills, endorsing BraveLove, volunteering with our partners and connecting them to our adoption resources. Plus, social sharing – it goes a long way. Here's a little more information on each of these opportunities.

  • Become an Ambassador - When you donate to BraveLove monthly, we consider you an Ambassador. Once you become an Ambassador, you'll have exclusive access to the organization, like behind-the-scenes footage of our new projects, discounts on swag, and even gain practical examples of how to spread our message within your own spheres of influence - both online & offline. We will equip you with ways to communicate this message to your family, friends and community.
  • Share Your Creative Skills - We're always looking for creatives like graphic designers, photographers, videographers, writers, bloggers etc. If you're in the marketing and advertising world, we'd love your help and connections to extend our message to the greater public.
  • Exposure & Endorsements - Use your voice and influence to represent and promote BraveLove where you are - like running in a race for BraveLove, or on your platform (blog, TV, stage, radio). Perhaps in your place of business (corporate sponsorship, featured charity). We'll provide you with a BraveLove Kit so you're equipped with the knowledge and outfitted with the swag to confidently endorse BraveLove.
  • Connect with our Partners - Looking for more consistent volunteer opportunities? We'll put you in touch with the needs of our partners (pregnancy centers, health clinics, adoption agencies). Better yet, contact your local pregnancy center, adoption agency, health clinic, church, doctors office, school and introduce them to the mission of BraveLove.
  • Social Sharing - Some of our most loyal volunteers are those who faithfully engage with us on social media, read our emails, and stay up to date with the latest stories. When you share this information with your friends and followers, you are helping spread the message in a powerful way.
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