Julie | An Adoptive Mom from Texas

Julie.jpegAs a child, did you ever dream that you would one day adopt?

Growing up, I did not know anyone that was adopted and really had no exposure to the idea.
Why did you choose adoption?

My husband and I married later in life and knew that getting pregnant on our own was not likely -- we decided to take the adoption route instead of lots of infertility treatment.

Domestic or international? Open, semi-open or closed adoption?

Both of our boys are adopted and both were domestic and semi-open. We met both birthmothers before delivery and send pictures and letters to them regularly. Our older son, who is now 9, met his birthmother when he was 4.

If you could dispel an adoption myth - would would you say?

I believe that most adoptive parents want the best for the birthmother not just themselves. We tried hard to be certain that the birthmothers had time with the babies before placing them for care with us. We truly wanted both birthmothers to feel as though it was the right choice for everyone -- the triangle of love -- the birthmother, the adoptive family and the baby.

What's been the most surprising experience as an adoptive mom?

All of the positive comments from others when they find out that the children are adopted. We did not consider it brave or courageous to adopt -- the birthmothers were brave and courageous to make the decision to place their children for adoption!!

What's your greatest wish for adoptive parents today?

We wish for adoptive parents to go into the experience without fear -- knowing that there is a reason for every placement. We had one failed placement and it seemed upsetting at the time but honestly, it worked out as it was supposed to because we could not imagine not having either of our boys!

If you could tell your child's birthmother one thing - what would it be?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are eternally grateful for your bravery -- you have given us a family. We will do everything to be certain that your child grows into the best person they can be!

What excites you about BraveLove?

With more adoption education, I am hopeful that as women find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy that they will know that they can truly change lives by choosing to have the baby and make an adoption plan!