How the SCOTUS decision impacts BraveLove


The Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade is undoubtedly a milestone in our country’s history that impacts all of us on some level.

Since day one of BraveLove, we’ve been focused on changing the culture's perception of adoption by reducing the stigmas and acknowledging birth moms for their brave choice.  We will continue doing so.  This decision does not change the mission of BraveLove.

Less than 2% unplanned pregnancies result in adoption. In other words, adoption is not a widely accepted option for women in unplanned pregnancies due to stigmas, shame, outdated stereotypes, and even a lack of education about modern adoption.  That’s why BraveLove exists - to change the perception of adoption so that it becomes a more supported option for women.

We have a unique vantage point where we get to work alongside adoption professionals, pregnancy centers, medical clinics, birth moms, and even some expectant moms.  Even though we do not provide direct services to women in unplanned pregnancies, we produce and distribute adoption resources to those who do - like pregnancy centers, medical clinics, and agencies serving her.  Even though we are not a licensed child-placing agency, we partner with reputable and ethical agencies that advocate for her no matter what she decides to do. 

We get to share real birth mom stories and educate with accurate, unbiased information through our website and social media so that an expectant mom can explore the option of adoption on her time without the pressure of anyone.  If a woman were to choose adoption for herself and her child, we offer simple ways for birth moms to connect, find support, and know that they are not alone.

We've distributed over 25,000 copies of our General Adoption Brochure nationwide over the past several years, and we plan to distribute many more in the coming months and years.  Read the brochure's cover letter here.


Over the last few decades, adoption practices have improved.  Women get to be in control of their options.  For example, a woman can choose the family to place her child with.  She can decide what kind of relationship she wants to have and how open she wants that to be.  At this point in time though, it's crucial for adoption practices and their practitioners to be held to a higher standard of ethics so that all members of the adoption triad are served with compassion and integrity.

Adoption affects people forever. We must educate and talk openly and honestly about what adoption looks like - the grief and loss for all involved.  We do not want women to be coerced into adoption.  Adoption is not the answer for everyone. Whether she chooses it or not, we hope she's informed.

The temperature has been raised for women who are trying to identify what their new options are.  This is a time to love them and walk beside them.

When you support the mission of BraveLove, you are giving women a hopeful choice amidst a stressful time. You are honoring those who have made this courageous decision in the past and empowering women in the future to know there’s no shame in choosing adoption.


We invite anyone to be a part of this mission and work.  Practically speaking, here's what that can look like:

  • Grow in your knowledge and understanding of adoption.  Watch this video where we dispel common adoption myths.  Intake your own personal biases towards birth moms and adoption.

  • Use positive adoption language.  Take our Pledge to Say Place where we explain why our words matter.

  • Share the stories.  You never know who it could help. Watch this one as an example. We’ve just released a new series called Why Adoption? Watch the trailer here.

  • Use the resources. If you’re a service provider in any capacity, sign up for our Membership and get your hands on the resources - both the online and offline ones.

  • Support someone's consideration of adoption. Don’t jump to conclusions. Listen more. Judge less.

  • Refer pregnant women to BraveLove so they can explore what adoption looks like today through the stories of those who are living this.


Thank you for believing in this mission and moving forward with us.

Laura Bruder
Executive Director