The Manifesto

These eight statements guide the work we do and how we communicate, educate, and support birth moms.  This is the BraveLove Manifesto.

We believe...

Birth mothers are mothers.

Adoption is a selfless act of love from one to another. There should be no shame in choosing adoption.

Adoption starts with loss. It's complex, messy, and beautiful.

Birth mothers are all around us, and all of their stories and experiences are valid.

Stories erase stigmas and can change the narrative of adoption from shame to hope.  That's why we keep sharing them.

Education is empowering. Women deserve to know and understand all of their pregnancy options – including adoption.

In honoring and empowering birth mothers by sharing their stories, giving voice to their experiences, and creating a community where they feel seen and understood.

There is room to honor, respect, and love birth parents. Their children will always be a piece of who they are.