New! Adoption Resource Kits for professionals

Feels good to finish something, right? Well, we've just finished production on our BraveLove Adoption Resource Kit. We recognize that the conversation surrounding adoption can often be difficult to navigate, which is why we have been working hard to produce resources for professionals who are serving those in unplanned pregnancies. Why? To help them navigate the conversation surrounding adoption with a bit more ease. Plus we want more people to be exposed to the idea that adoption is a brave choice and also general information about adoption today.

In case you're curious, here is what's inside the kit...

3 Birth Mother Stories  |  Adoption Training Video  |  30 Pocket Notecards  |  Sample Adoption Brochure

Adoption Resource Kit

Last week, we distributed nearly 100 kits to pregnancy centers and women's health clinics from all around the country at the 2015 National Care Net Conference in San Diego. We are eager to get these materials in to the hands of even more professionals nationwide in order to make their job a little easier and shine a positive light on adoption.

We hope to see more women consider adoption so that it might eventually become a more common path for those in unplanned pregnancies. We need your help to produce more adoption resources like these. 

If you want to order an Adoption Resource Kit, contact us today.

If you're a professional and/or you'd like more information on the contents of these materials, log in here to view the resources. If you're new to BraveLove and you don't have a login, create one here

Here's what we heard from those who received the kit...

"Very few women at our center consider adoption."

"We need more adoption resources."

"I don't feel like people understand adoption."

"We need this."

"I really value this."

"Thank you." 


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