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Watch the (un)Wanted trailer now

We can acknowledge the love and bravery surrounding adoption. But sometimes it's easy to forget (or even easier to gloss over) the realities that adoption can be hard, complicated, and even messy for those involved. So we set out to do that with our latest video project - ask some of the hard questions and be prepared for some honest responses. Watch this short clip of what's to come:

Behind the scenes our latest video: (un)Wanted

The inspiration behind this video's concept came from an interview we had a few years ago with a New York Times bestselling-author, Patti Callahan Henry. At the time, Patti had just published a fictional book about adoption, And Then I Found You, which was inspired by her sister's life. Her sister had placed a child for adoption over 20 years ago and recently reunited with her daughter through Facebook. We interviewed Patti about the book, and to this day, these comments stuck with us:  

When You Work in Adoption


Adoption is complex. There are multiple parties and a wide range of emotions involved. So today we are shedding light on this perspective. One adoption professional is giving voice to what it's like to work in adoption...


When you work in adoption, you learn a lot about people. You see people (whether they're placing or adopting) at their worst and at their best, and you are often humbled by how far loving parents will go to give children a better life than they themselves even had. You learn that even people in the worst of circumstances can make the very best of choices, and that children's needs are best met when adult needs take second seat. 

Downton Abbey and its adoption story

(SPOILER ALERT) It's undeniable that adoption storylines are becoming more prevalent in television shows and movies. Some producers do it well, some poorly, and others are improving (progress)! We believe it's important to use media to show the reality of what adoption is today. Why? Because millions of people are watching, and media informs, educates and influences our perceptions, whether we like it or not. So what did we think about Downton Abbey's adoption storyline?

Are you watching TLC's Long Lost Family?

TLC's new TV series Long Lost Family premiered this week (Sundays 10/9C), and we can't stop thinking about it. The documentary series features family members trying to reunite with birthparents, biological families, or children placed for adoption. In the premiere, we watched two different stories unfold...

Jessica shares on grief, shame & openness in adoption


Meet Jessica. A few months ago, Jessica reached out to BraveLove looking for a way to get involved. Being a passionate writer and birth mom herself, it was evident that the greatest way for Jessica to give to BraveLove would be to share her perspective. Having traveled 6 1/2 years through her own adoption journey, Jessica says being a birth mom is her greatest achievement! She's got some invaluable insight to share, so without further adieu, here's Jessica.

The Courage Behind Telling Your Story

“Courage (from Latin: coeur): to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.” Brene Brown is a professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work and does research on human connection. She shared that definition of courage during her TED talk "The Power of Vulnerability." 

Relive the night - A Brave New City

What a night! Last Thursday, October 15th, we celebrated "A Brave New City" with over 200 new and old friends in Dallas, Texas. Watch this short video to get a glimpse of what the night entailed. A big thanks to all those who attended plus our amazing event sponsors, special guests, volunteers, and honorary speaker. We couldn't have done it without each of you.

New! Adoption Resource Kits for professionals

Feels good to finish something, right? Well, we've just finished production on our BraveLove Adoption Resource Kit. We recognize that the conversation surrounding adoption can often be difficult to navigate, which is why we have been working hard to produce resources for professionals who are serving those in unplanned pregnancies. Why? To help them navigate the conversation surrounding adoption with a bit more ease. Plus we want more people to be exposed to the idea that adoption is a brave choice and also general information about adoption today.

In case you're curious, here is what's inside the kit...

BraveLove Giving Day: We've Met Our Match


 Mark your calendar. Set the alarm. Save the date for Thursday, September 17th. BraveLove Giving Day is a one-day online fundraising event in which we're asking you to support the work of BraveLove.

In addition, we're asking for your help to tell others to get behind our pro-adoption cause This is a great opportunity for you to get creative and invite others in. Ask your friends, family and co-workers to give to BraveLove! The cool thing is you can be involved with Giving Day from anywhere and all within the comfort of your home, office, etc.

And the best part is...

BraveLove: an Agent of Change

BraveLove is a pro-adoption movement dedicated to changing the perception of adoption by acknowledging birth moms for their brave choice. Regardless of religious or political affiliation, BraveLove welcomes the support of anyone who acknowledges adoption as courageous.

BraveLove a pro-adoption movement

Mad Men: a look back at the final season (and its hint at adoption)

A look back at the final season of Mad Men and its hint at adoptionFor all you Mad Men fans out there, last night’s series finale marked the end of an era, according to AMC. (For you non-Mad Men viewers, keep reading this…)

Set in New York, the iconic, provocative, award-winning AMC drama follows the lives of the ruthlessly competitive men and women of Madison Avenue advertising. The show exposes and stereotypes the 1960s-70s man who works all day and drinks all night, while his housewife looks the other way and has dinner set by 6. Even the name of the show and its opening credits lend itself to this sexist era. Though during last night’s final episode, we wondered if the oh-so-dapper Don Draper was going to survive this time as he performed another one of his disappearing acts - running away from life and all that comes with it. The final credits began to roll, and we were left with the typical finale questions and comments, “alright… well what does that mean? What do you think happened?” 

BraveLove meets Neighbor’s Table for a Birth Mother’s Day dinner

BraveLove is excited to announce an extra special Birth Mother’s Day dinner with our friends at Neighbor’s Table - a love mission of ordinary people loving extraordinarily around the table. We believe birth moms are extraordinary people, which is why Neighbor’s Table is the perfect place to gather with the women we champion. Watch the video below to see what it’s like being around the table. Then scroll down for a few more details about the dinner.

Birth Mom Dinner at Eno’s Pizza Tavern

BraveLove Birth Mother Dinner in Dallas, TX

On Thursday, March 19, we hosted a dinner for birth moms at Eno’s Pizza Tavern in Dallas, Texas. Women drove from Dallas, Ft. Worth and even as far as Houston! Around the table, there were mostly new faces and a few familiar ones.

We do these from time to time as a simple way to honor birth moms and allow them to connect with one another. Why? So birth moms know that they’re not alone. These dinners allow some face time with the women we champion. But most of all, the purpose of the dinners is social - eat good food and connect birth moms to one another. 

Dallas Birth Mother Dinners are back in 2015!

We are excited to announce this year’s BraveLove Birth Mother Dinners! We love these dinners because it’s a way to gather a group of women with one strong commonality – placing a child for adoption. Our hope for these dinners is to create an environment for the birth mother community to meet, connect and encourage one another.

We want to celebrate the courageous act of placing for adoption through the simplicity of sharing a meal together.

Two birth mothers talk about grief, aftercare and simple ways to support one another


Recently the National Council for Adoption hosted a webinar called "What We Want Adoption Professionals to Know" and invited two birth mothers, Jan and Heather, to participate on the panel. We had to listen in to what our friends were saying! The women shared their personal adoption stories and then specifically discussed the role of a birth mother and the reality of a birth mother’s grief. 

Relive BraveLove’s Dream A Little Dream Party

This time last month, we hosted a fundraising party to shine a positive light on adoption in Dallas and beyond. Nearly 300 guests from across the metroplex joined us for a night of festivities to celebrate November’s National Adoption Month at 3015 at Trinity Groves. The Dream a Little Dream Party included food by 3015’s Chef Sharon Van Meter, drinks by Western Son Vodka, live music by Jon Christopher Davis, a photo booth, and our first annual Wall of Lights. 

We’re just a week away!

We can hardly believe that the BraveLove Dream a Little Dream Party is less than a week away! We have been planning for this special evening for quite some time, and the closer we get, the more excited we are about gathering together to shine a positive light on adoption in honor of National Adoption Month!

Today’s our birthday!

Happy birthday to BraveLove

We launched two years ago today. For those reading this, thank you! Thank you for caring about this movement and helping us show that adoption can be a beautiful thing and that birth moms are heroes.

2014 Care Net Conference


Last week, BraveLove had the honor of participating in Care Net’s 2014 National Pregnancy Center Conference held right here in our own backyard – Dallas, TX!  It was inspiring to be around hundreds of men and women working in different centers around the United States.  We visited with some of our existing partners and then connected with over 100 different pregnancy centers for the first time.  We even ran into our friend Angela, a birth mom whose story you may be seeing very soon! As we spoke with people about BraveLove’s mission, one statement was repeatedly expressed… 

In Light of Being Known

dragon.jpgAn adoptive mother recently introduced us to a children’s book called There’s NO Such Thing as a Dragon.

“Billy Bixbee was rather surprised when he woke up one morning and found a dragon in his room. It was a small dragon, about the size of a kitten.”

Billy goes downstairs to tell his mother, but she insists that there’s no such thing as a dragon! Billy goes back to his room to get dressed and the dragon comes close to Billy wagging its tail. Billy doesn’t give the dragon any attention, because, if there is no such thing as a dragon, then it is silly to pay any attention to it. As the story progresses, the dragon continues to grow larger and follow Billy around wherever he goes, all the while growing at a rapid pace. The mother insists the dragon does not exist, but has to make accommodations to clean the house around the dragon because it has grown so large that there is nowhere in the house the dragon isn’t. The dragon eventually outgrows the house and when it takes off running down the street, it takes the entire house, Billy and his mother included, along with it. When Billy’s dad comes home, he of course notices that the house is gone. He immediately goes looking for it and when he finally finds it, he has to climb over the dragon’s head to make a way into his own home. He asks Billy and his mother what happened and Billy says, “It was the dragon.” His mother starts to say “There’s no such thing….” but Billy interjects and says, “There IS a dragon! A very BIG dragon!” Billy then pats the dragon on the head and even faster than it had grown, the dragon shrinks down to the size of a kitten again. The end of the story reads…

Our words surrounding adoption

One of the ways we can spread a positive adoption message is to intentionally change our language surrounding adoption. Many of us are accustomed to the term give up your child for adoption. When we take a moment to think about the implications of this phrase, we realize that a birth mother might be “giving up” a lot, but she is by no means “giving up” on her child.

We had to share this article from our friends over at, which sheds some great light on the importance of understanding the words we use when talking or writing about adoption...

The Adoption Triad

Adoption TriadIn a recent conversation, an adoptive mother shared with us about her daughter’s reunion experience.  Her daughter and birth mother had been reunited after 18 years.  When asked the question by others, “Didn’t you feel threatened witnessing your daughter meeting her birth mother for the first time?”  Her response was an immediate “No, absolutely not.  Would you feel threatened if your daughter had a hole in her heart her entire life, and you found the one individual who could fill that hole?”

Fully Loved: Thoughts on what it means

Isn’t it interesting that the English language has only one word to express this complex emotion? In one sentence, we use this word love to express our affections toward our morning cup of coffee, only to be immediately followed by the words I love you towards the ones we hold closest.

Spread BraveLove: Tweet the Love

As we mentioned yesterday, it’s awareness week at BraveLove and all week long we are asking you to raise your voice. Today, we want you to TWEET and use your 140 characters to speak up about BraveLove!