Our dreams for 2013 and how you can get involved.


A new year brings resolutions, momentum and hopes for improved habits. This year we have big dreams for BraveLove, and we’re doing everything in our power to make these plans a reality. We need your help though. Here is what’s on the horizon and ways you can get involved with this movement. (Note: These plans are dependent on the support we raise. We like to keep an open mind because there’s always room for change.)

Our 2013 plans…


We hope to conduct research on domestic infant adoption in order to gain up-to-date info that can help us better target our messaging. According to Center for American Progress, “data on domestic infant adoptions are surprisingly hard to come by, in part because the numbers are so low that they are difficult to track.” We want to share reliable resources on BraveLove.org - like trusted adoption agencies, relevant adoption statistics, birthmother support resources, and hopeful stories (via videos, open letters, written stories).
- Why spend money on research? The research we’ve found is outdated. Plus research and analysis must guide our marketing and PR efforts—- we can’t just rely on personal opinions or hearsay.
- How can you help? 

If you run across published articles, surveys, polls, research … send our way, and we’ll take a look!
If you or someone you know wishes to partner with us in funding research, contact us.

Speaking of help…


This year, we hope to recruit volunteers across Texas (and eventually beyond) to speak out on behalf of adoption and help spread our message – birthmothers are heroes and adoption can be a beautiful thing. We want your help if you feel the same way!
- Why? Because we can’t move this movement alone. As a young organization, we aim to keep our operations lean so that monies donated will be focused on impacting the cause. If we want to dispel the adoption myths, our crew cannot do it alone. We need people to get the conversation going within their own communities – a.k.a. ambassadors!
- How can you help? For now, contact us if you’re interested in getting involved. We’ll ask you a few questions and figure out simple ways to get you plugged in.

Here are some other ways to get involved TODAY.

The Youth of America

We hope to write BraveLove adoption curriculum this year to eventually share within schools and other organizations. We’re actually hosting a Roundtable discussion soon with various leaders from adoption agencies, schools, pregnancy resource centers, and churches to discuss this very topic of adoption education to youth.

- Why share with youth? We want to raise awareness about adoption and educate youth on the process – What is it? How does it work? Why would someone choose adoption? What’s a birthmother?
- How can you help? If you or someone you know works with youth in some form or fashion, contact us.

Those are the highlights for 2013. As the year kicks off, we hope to get involved with community events, be a presence at various adoption conferences and simply spread the word on adoption. Our greatest need is to fundraise so we can make these plans a reality.

If you any of these opportunities resonated with you, will you consider supporting BraveLove?