Simple ways you can make a big impact!

Untitled_design.jpgChanging the way the world views adoption will take all of us. Whether you have a personal connection to adoption or not, you are needed. 

Here are 5 different ways to make a really big impact right where you are: 

  1. SHARE YOUR STORY - If you've been positively impacted by adoption, tell your story using the #BraveLove hashtag on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. Or submit your story online.

  2. GIVE MONTHLY - Whether you give $25 a month or $250, your donation helps create pro-adoption media campaigns, broadcast hopeful adoption stories, and deliver life-changing resources to pregnancy centers and health clinics nationally. Plus, there are some other perks to becoming a monthly donor - find out here.

  3. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL PREGNANCY CENTER - Refer your local pregnancy center or health clinic to BraveLove for free adoption resources. Or refer them to our website where they can sign up online to become a Member (details here). Both our printed materials and our website offer a safe way for people to explore adoption on their own time, without the pressure of an agency or attorney.

  4. PROMOTE IT - Do you believe adoption is a courageous choice? Then use your voice and influence to promote adoption right where you are. Follow us on social media, wear a BraveLove shirt to the gym, share a BraveLove video on your blog. These are simple but big ways to spread the BraveLove. 

  5. CHANGE YOUR LANGUAGE - The words we use matter because they can either empower or weaken birth parents. Instead of saying “give up” or “put up for adoption," say "make an adoption plan" or "place for adoption." 

We've witnessed the courage and love that can result from adoption, and we want the rest of the world to see it for what it really is - a really brave love. You can be an important part of this culture-changing movement. Check out more ways to get involved here!