Some sneak peeks, stories & videos: Nat’l Adoption Month continues

Have you watched the most recent video added to BraveLove’s video library? Meet Matt, Lori and Cathy. You can hear their different adoption stories from three very personal perspectives.

Yesterday, we were blown away by the response from Facebook. When asked about adoption, people responded BIG TIME and said adoption is

better than I could’ve ever imagined,
in our future,
a gift,
a most courageous decision,
...and the list goes on. We couldn’t have said it any better.

Here’s a sneak peek of this weekend’s Q&A with Anna, an adoptive mom:

We knew how incomplete our family felt and how much love we still had spilling over. We wanted to parent again so very much. So we took the time to grieve our sweet girl, to heal our hearts and mend our spirits, and prepare for this new journey in front of us…”