Submit your idea!


You're reading this because we value your input and invite you to get creative with us.

As you know, we talk about adoption all year long. But during the month of November, we like to do something a little extra special for National Adoption Month. Right now we're in the process of developing our national campaign for Adoption Month, and this time we're polling birth parents and Ambassadors for some ideas.

Here's how to enter:

1. Come up with a list of different headlines/messages/statements that could potentially go on a billboard, t-shirt, or sticker. Think: short, sweet, thought-provoking, compelling, inspiring, and related to adoption. This message will be communicated to a broad audience of people who are unfamiliar with BraveLove and probably have a misunderstanding of what adoption is today. There's a good chance that this group of people may not even know what the term birth mother means. The hope is that this message will cause someone to pause and think differently about adoption so that they begin to recognize adoption as a brave choice. Why? Because look around our society... What is being said about birth parents? Nothing - or at least not the most positive things.

Sadly, adoption is still a highly unpopular and stigmatized option for those in unplanned pregnancies. That's why BraveLove exists. We want to change that by giving you a voice. Ask yourself these questions: What do you want others to know about adoption? What do you wish for birth parents? What would you say to show the true heart of birth mothers? 


2. Before next Wednesday, June 14th, email your ideas to [email protected]. Make the email subject "Here's my idea for the campaign" so we don't miss it. There are no rules. Don't worry - we will not publish your ideas or identify you (unless your idea was been selected, but you'll be notified of that). You can even email us more than once in case you come up with a few other ideas after pressing Send. But you've got a week to brainstorm and submit your ideas.

3. You'll hear back from us no later than June 30th whether your idea was selected or not. And if your idea was picked, then you WIN a basket of all of BraveLove's latest and greatest swag, plus a few other surprises.

As a refresher, here are few reminders about BraveLove's mission:

  • BraveLove exists to change the perception of adoption through honest, informative, and hopeful communication that conveys the heroism and bravery a birth mother displays when she places her child with a loving family through adoption.

  • BraveLove is a pro-adoption movement changing the way our culture thinks about adoption so that it becomes a more explored path for those in unplanned pregnancies. 

  • Whether pro-life or pro-choice, BraveLove welcomes the support of anyone who acknowledges that adoption is a courageous choice.

Thanks in advance for your help. We'll keep you posted on the campaign!