2015 BraveLove Survey

Before the year is out, we need 5 minutes of your time.

Earlier this year we sent you a BraveLove Adoption Resource Kit. Now we need your feedback. We love, need, and want your input and feedback because this allows us to do a better job of improving our work so that ultimately you can serve your clients well by giving them accurate, modern and helpful adoption information and resources. (If you have not received your resource kit, then stop – no need to fill out the survey. Instead ask your colleagues where yours is OR contact us and we’ll send you a new one.)

Will you answer the following survey questions? Note: Your contact information will be kept confidential. Your answers will be reviewed internally in order to improve our work. Ready to begin? We promise it's pretty painless.

Select the answer that best fits your overall opinion of the contents of BraveLove’s Adoption Resource Kit.