The BraveLove Shop: Wear the Love

It’s awareness week at BraveLove, and we need your help to spread our mission!

One way to do this is to wear the love and become a walking message to your friends, family and co-workers! The new BraveLove Shop is up and running, and we invite you to take a look around! These products are not just another t-shirt, bracelet or coffee mug to add to your collection. They are valuable tools which can be used to start the conversation that adoption can be a loving option. Will you be a part of helping change the way our culture thinks about adoption by sporting some BraveLove swag and engaging others in this conversation?

The BraveLove Shop - the place to go for all your BraveLove swag

Let’s role play for a second: Someone notices your t-shirt and asks “Nice shirt. What’s BraveLove?” And then you respond, “Oh, it’s this movement that’s raising awareness that adoption is a loving option. I follow them on Facebook and they’re always sharing really amazing adoption stories. Go look ‘em up. Oh here, take this bracelet too so you’ll remember and can tell someone else about them, too.”

To better equip yourself with the knowledge, check out our BraveLove FAQ’s.

With awareness comes responsibility, let’s raise our voices for good. Every day this week we will highlight simple ways you can help spread BraveLove! You might even have a chance to win one of these great products, so stay tuned…

Start shopping.