The Drop Box: a documentary worth talking about

“The Drop Box” - Documentary Trailer from Arbella Studios on Vimeo.

On Wednesday, December 3, we had the privilege of welcoming The Drop Box Film to Texas for a private screening and Q&A at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas. This award-winning documentary is about a South Korean pastor who has cared for 594 abandoned babies that have been placed in his church’s drop box, or baby box. The documentary shows the challenges, love and purpose behind Pastor Lee’s work. Since the creation of the documentary, a nonprofit calledKindred Image has been born to help support the vision and legacy of Pastor Lee’s hard work in Seoul, South Korea. Watch the trailer then mark your calendars for March 3, 4 or 5 - that’s when it will be playing in theaters nationwide.

You may be wondering why we were there… Well, we wanted to support our friends who are telling the brave story of Pastor Lee and his community. Today, Kindred Image is working hard to provide resources to better care for the babies and their mothers. That’s why we were a part of the night. Highly recommend - it’s worth seeing.

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