To My Daughter's Birth Mother

I've always wanted to give my daughters' birth mother a card for Mother's Day. Unfortunately, no such card exists. So I decided to write one to her (and every other birth mother out there). 

Here it is...

I see you reflected in their eyes glimpses of your sunshine in their smiles.

As a child connected to her mother by an umbilical cord I am connected to you by love for both of us, a life source for these radiant flowers.

I wipe their tears with your fingers, embrace them with your arms, watch them play with your eyes, hear their giggles with your ears, I feel you through the miles. These moments of connection between you, me and our daughters.

You are my sister as they are sisters and like all sister bonds, ours is mysterious, beautiful & bittersweet.

Happy Mother’s Day to my daughter's birth mother, one of the strongest, most beautiful, and inspirational women I know.

Love, Lynn