To the woman who gave birth to me,

Thank you for giving me a second chance at life. Thank you for being strong and for giving me life. I gave joy to my adoptive parents who couldn't have a child, you made their dreams come true. Because of you, my adoptive mother got her dreams and you got a second chance. I write this as a daughter to two mothers's whom I both have a special bond with the strength of two powerful women. My message to those looking to give up your child, I am a success story, as hard as it is to give up that small innocent baby or child, just know that bond will never be gone. My genes and blood live on with one, love and opportunities live with my other. Just remember we are all energy and I will one day be reunited in spirit to that brave woman who loved me enough to spare me her pain and gave me a chance. I love you both, my two moms. I hope I can meet her one day in person But I thank her from the bottom of my heart.


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