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What next?

  • Click here to see pictures from the evening.  Feel free to download your picture and share it.

  • Watch and share the videos - like Stephanie's Journey. (The other new ones that were previewed the other night will be released soon!)

  • Pre-invite your friends to next year's fall event.  Tell them about BraveLove now by sharing our videos (like the ones above).  You can even pass along this link with more info about who we are.  TBD on location, date and time but most likely November 2019.

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  • If you haven't already, support BraveLove financially to help us grow and extend our positive adoption message even further. 

  • Mark your calendar for a holiday happy hour from 5-8pm on Thursday, December 6th, 2018. Come enjoy holiday drinks and cookies and start your Christmas shopping at Baldwin (3205 Knox St., Dallas, TX 75205). 15% of your purchases will go towards BraveLove when you shop during the happy hour!  More details coming soon.

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