Thank you for celebrating with BraveLove!

In case you missed it, watch this video:

What's next?

  • Click here to see pictures from the event (more to come)!  Feel free to download and share them.

  • Pre-invite your friends to next year's fall event.  Tell them about BraveLove now by sharing the video above.  You can even pass along this link with more info about who we are.  TBD on the exact location, date and time but most likely the event will be in November.

  • Shop the merch!  

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  • If you missed out on the Giving Wall, you can still support BraveLove financially to help extend our positive adoption message even further.  Your dollars will help: 
    • Produce films and documentaries (like Emmah's story - help us finish the documentary!)
    • Get BraveLove's resources into more clinics and on college campuses
    • Support research that will inform adoption practitioners
    • Enhance our online presence so more expectant moms can find BraveLove
    • Reach a younger audience with our adoption message
    • Connect birth moms through national dinners 

We love hearing from you. If you have questions about BraveLove or specific projects that are in development, contact us.

Thank you for caring about this work!