Honor those who have been impacted by adoption

First, watch this . . .

Unplanned pregnancies happen and every person's story is different, personal and their own. As you watched the video, we hope it expanded your perspective and helped you recognize that we've all been impacted, either directly or indirectly, by the brave love of a birth mother who wanted the best for her child and chose adoption.

It takes a lot of humility, sacrifice and courage to choose adoption when confronted by an unplanned pregnancy. A woman’s decision to place for adoption is not easy and does not mean she did not want or love her child. But sometimes the world says otherwise.

. . .then send a word of encouragement.

Will you encourage a birth mom by sending a positive message her way? It will take only a second for you to fill out this form. Your words could make someone’s day or even change a life. 


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