BraveLove's 2020 Watch Party

The Watch Party is TONIGHT!

Set a reminder to join us Thursday, November 12th, 2020 at 8 pm CST.

Here's how to watch — click your platform of choice where we'll be live streaming:  Facebook OR YouTube


What can you expect?

45 minutes of BraveLove! But more than that, you can expect to:
watch a brand new film released for Nat'l Adoption Month,
hear from BraveLove's leaders Ellen Porter and Laura Bruder,
watch exclusive interviews with birth moms and adoptees,
discover how you can be a part of something big!

Watch! You won't want to miss it.


Participate in the Virtual Raffle!

The raffle is OPEN!  You've got until midnight Friday, November 13th to participate.
Check out the amazing prizes that you could win. 
All proceeds from the raffle go towards supporting BraveLove.  

Take me to the Raffle!



How do you share this event with friends?

Anyone can watch tonight!  There's not a password or proof of registration.  It's FREE!  Share the actual posts on Facebook and/or YouTube.  Or you can share this page ( to let your friends choose where they want to watch and so they can learn a little more about what to expect.

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If you haven't registered for the Watch Party, do that here. 


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