Will seeing photos of my child help or hurt?

Meet Jessica - she placed her son for adoption. Listen to her answer this question about what it's like being a birth mom. Want to learn more about her story? Read this.

"Will seeing photos of my child help or hurt?"

Sometimes I get photos and cry with thankfulness for the choice I made. He is growing up in the most wonderful home with a sweet older brother and a loving mother and father. I am thankful for my choice and for the love he is smothered in from every angle of life. Then, other times I get photos and I feel pain and hurt from not being the one who took them, not being the one who gets to cuddle him to sleep each night or make his breakfast each morning. Sometimes the photos hurt to look at and sometimes the photos are wonderful to look at. I really never know how I will feel when I get them, but at the end of the day I am reminded in the photos of how loved he is. 

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