Birth Mom Zoom Party

What are you doing November 11th?

Have you heard about our in-person Birth Mom Dinners (details here)?  If you're unable to join one of those, then join us for the Zoom Party as we celebrate one another on November 11th! 


Any birth mom is invited to our 

BraveLove Birth Mom Zoom Party!

Thursday, November 11th at 6pm CST

Who?  This is reserved for birth moms only.

What?  BraveLove is hosting a big video conference call with birth moms from coast to coast.  Note:  This is different from our birth mom dinners and gatherings, but it's happening on the same day.  Fill out the RSVP form on this page.  Once you submit your RSVP, you will receive an auto-response email from BraveLove.  That email confirms you're signed up. For security purposes, we'll be in touch as it gets closer to share the actual Zoom link and password.  

When?  Thursday, November 11th at 6pm - 7pm CST

Where?  In the comfort of your home

Why?  We Zoomed together a few times in 2021 and now we're doing it again so birth moms can connect!  


  • What is Zoom?  It's a video conferencing service. If you've never used it before, click the meeting link prior to the Zoom Party so you can download either the app on your phone or on your computer.  It doesn't cost anything.

  • What do I need to participate?  1) Internet, 2) a smartphone or desktop computer, 3) the Zoom link and password (which BraveLove will provide you with)

  • What should I expect?  This a chance to connect virtually with other birth moms.  For the first few minutes of the call, the BraveLove team will welcome you and say hello. Then we will break out into smaller groups so you can get to know birth moms in your group. 

  • When will I get the Zoom link to join?  You will receive the Zoom link and password a couple of days before the Zoom Party. Be on the lookout for an auto-response email from BraveLove.  If you do not receive that auto-response email, check your Spam folder.  If the email is not there, RSVP again. Perhaps you mistyped your email address. Contact [email protected] for help.  Do not share the link and password with anyone. If you're wanting to invite other birth moms, share this RSVP page: 

  • When do I have to RSVP by?  No deadline. You're welcome to RSVP even the day of.

  • What if I have to join the party late?  No problem! 

  • What if I have to leave early?  No problem — leave when you need to.  But ideally, try to stick around to connect with your breakout group hostess.

  • Do I have to turn on my video?  You don't have to, but it'll be more fun for you to see the others.

  • Can I mute myself?  Sure! If you've got a lot of background noise, we recommend it.

  • How long will this last?  An hour (6:00 pm - 7:00 pm CST)

  • Do I have to share my adoption story?  No, that's not a requirement at all.  You share what you're comfortable with.  Or you can just listen.

  • What are we going to talk about?  It's going to be a chance to get to know the other birth moms on the line.  Each breakout group will have a birth mom hostess, who will help facilitate the conversation.  

  • Can anyone else from my home join me on the Zoom call?  Similar to the dinners, these are reserved for birth moms only. But we realize you may have others in your household. It's obviously understandable for them to be in the background or make a brief appearance. But we want to be respectful of the private information being shared. If at all possible, we recommend you attend the Zoom party in a private room or away from loud areas. 

We hope to see you at the Zoom Party on Thursday, November 11th!  

November 11, 2021 at 6:00pm - 7pm
Online via Zoom
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Will you come?