Must-reads & watches for your week

We’ve stumbled upon some great adoption stories, articles and videos in the past week or so. We wanted to make sure you saw them, too...

  • Woman’s struggle over adoption leads to modern family (Rock Center, NBC)

    “Young mom Callie Mitchell is forging her own path to create a new kind of modern family. The photography student garnered national attention when she went public with a series of intimate self-portraits taken during her pregnancy that showed her agonizing over whether she should keep her baby or put him up for adoption.”
  • Celebrate all mothers who made a sacrifice (Dallas Morning News by Leeanne Rebic Hay)

    mothers_day.PNG“I know a woman who has never been to one of her child’s school events. It’s not because she is too busy. This same woman has never baked a cookie, wrapped a present or even admired a picture her child has drawn at school. There are others like her - more than you would think, because of course most people don’t know this about her.

    Oh, sure, you and I and many others are at all the events. We plan them, work them and attend the cleanup afterward. Every year on Mother’s Day, she writes a brief, heartfelt message to her child on her Facebook timeline. He has never responded. She wasn’t there to wipe his brow when a fever got high, and she certainly wouldn’t be there if he had gone to the emergency room to get a few stitches.

    The majority of us agree that we could never do what she did. And maybe that is why she doesn’t talk to too many people about it - at least that’s how it was when the child was small. Now that many years have passed, and shame and guilt are not as popular as they once were, she talks about it more. And she is my hero.” 
  • Watch as this son finds his mother after 65 Years

    “‘I knew that she loved me, that was never a question, it was… just to be able to meet her and tell her myself one time, how much I loved her, and I got to do that,’ Kiser said. ‘I am the luckiest guy in the world.’”
  • Read about how to adopt new attitude toward adoption (The Washington Post by Nina Easton)

    “In today’s America, a single woman facing a surprise pregnancy is likely to consider just two options: abortion or single motherhood. The third choice, adoption, carries such a social stigma that domestic placement of infants has plummeted — even as the number of parents desperate for a baby grows.

    Birth mothers choose life, and a family, for their child. But this choice is rarely celebrated. Women routinely face family, friends and even health-care providers who think that adoption equals abandonment, according to researchers and conversations with birth mothers. “Just look at the language people use: ‘She’s giving up her baby,’ ” says Kathy Kunkel, founder of the Utah-based agency A Act of Love. “In fact, a birth mother is choosing a good home for her baby.”
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