"Always a Mother" - a poem written and inspired by a birth mother

Today, we want to share a poem that our friend Heather wrote for us as she was inspired by her own story as a birthmother. We’re grateful to know her, and we’re continually amazed by her strength and honesty. Without further adieu, here is Heather’s poem...

Always a Mother

There you stand in the midst of defeat
Holding something you can never keep.
It’s an unnatural experience and a painful one too
To hold something you can never keep.
The lies and heartache that brought you to this moment are now flesh and blood.
They now have tiny hands, a sweet cry with the most beautiful big blue eyes.
The reality grips your soul, ripping your heart into a million pieces
As you stand there holding something you can never keep.
The truth is hard to bear 
Knowing the family you always wanted is no longer there.
This choice is going to take a Bravery this world can never understand.
It takes a love so Brave, so rare, so sweet it brings a mother to her knees
To Love something you can never keep.
It’s the Bravest love I think God has ever seen.
So even though I am not like you nor you like me 
We are one Brave Family, 
Linked together by a lover so rare, so courageous, patient and gracious
It takes nine months to get it here.
However above all we are now a family forged in a love only God himself can create.
As I hand you this life I can never keep,
I have come to see I will always be a mother and now you’re one too.
That’s what Bravelove can do.