An Impossible Decision - Mia's Story

I had just gotten my GED (and taken my ACT the day prior) when I found out I was pregnant.

I was 17 years old, having never wanted kids in my life. But there I was, with my high school best friend, expecting a baby. I was vigorously preparing for college, for a life back to normal post Covid chaos. I knew that I didn't want to abort. Even though we both flipped back and forth, almost deciding to keep him, we knew we wanted him to be the most financially sound and stable he could be. 

So we placed him with the apparent perfect family who could give him everything. I still get photos. I even get to see him next month.

And while very challenging I am continuing to heal and grow and hopefully my sweet boy will be at my college graduation to see that it all paid off. Like I know it will. 

Have you been impacted by adoption like Mia? 
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