"You name it and I've felt it" — a birth mother's story

At 15, I found myself 4 months pregnant. I was lost, ashamed, terrified and absolutely in love with the life growing inside me. 

When we told my half brother, he mentioned his aunt had been trying to have a baby but couldn’t. I delivered a healthy boy with the help of my new auntie. We became a large extended family the day I placed her son in her arms and that has continued to grow. 

The past almost 18 years have been a roller coaster of emotions, sadness and pride, emptiness and joy… you name it I have felt it. Last year my son started opening up to me about the adoption, I was terrified but empowered. My baby was reaching out and it took everything in me to open up to him.

It has been a long journey that is about to get more complicated, but I have learned to look back with pride and peace. I put everything in me aside to make the best decision for him, I gave my son something I couldn’t give him - a family! And let me tell you he is one amazing boy. We are all proud of our boy!