BraveLove shares a few finds from the week


It’s Day 2 of National Adoption Month, and there’s been some great stuff floating around the world wide web in celebration of NAM. Here are a few finds and interesting facts you might enjoy reading:

Did you know that approximately 7 million Americans are adopted persons, according to

Read this story of a 17-year old who chose adoption for her baby. (Thanks for sharing, Amy.)

Did you hear about David Correy, the X Factor contestant who’s adopted. The judges asked what makes him different from the other contestants, and he said “I’m adopted so I feel like this opportunity will reconnect me with my birthmother if she hears my voice.” He also went on to say how much he loves his family, but he wants to know where he comes from and if his birthmother sings. You can watch his story here.

Here’s an interesting read on a positive adoption classroom.

What’s the story behind National Adoption Month? 

Back in 1976, it started as a week-long celebration in the state of Massachusetts. Governor Dukakis wanted to promote awareness of the need for adoptive families for children in foster care. Fast forward: President Reagan started the first National Adoption Week. Fast forward: President Clinton proclaimed November as National Adoption Month. Then a few years later (‘98), Clinton specified the purpose of NAM and told the Dept. of Health & Human Services to “develop a plan to expand the use of the Internet as a tool to find homes for children waiting to be adopted from foster care.” And look at NAM today - we’d say the Internet is definitely the tool being used! BraveLove is excited to celebrate adoption. Though we’re not an adoption agency, per say, we certainly want to help raise awareness because we believe adoption is a beautiful thing. I think you do, too. That’s why you’re reading this, right?