A Typical 16-year-old with Focus and Dreams in Place — Carmen's Story

Untitled_design_(4).pngMy adoption story started in high school… I was a typical 16-year-old, with an academic focus and dreams in place. Until December 8th, 2001, when I found out I was pregnant. My first thought, was to keep this child I loved so much already, but how?

How was I going to take care of a baby when my Mom was still taking care of me?

With many prayers, bill calculations, and late-night conversations with my Mom, I decided on adoption. I loved the idea of adoption, it was my only option. 

Placing my child with a family who would love him, was all I could think about. The church I was going to at the time was a large church and I knew that someone there could be wanting to adopt. I was right. There were three couples available, but one stood out, they were perfect. 

I met with the family several times. We enjoyed dinner together, shopping, and very long phone conversations. Talking to his adoptive Mom was like talking to my own. 

I had been trying to prepare my brain for the delivery day, since my decision five months prior. The preparation was futile. That day was full of emotions. Excitement for them, a sadness in my heart, stemming from an overwhelming love for my little boy. They stayed during my labor and were calm, loving, and understanding. I will never forget seeing them walk away with my precious boy in their arms. However, the love they have given to him which has kept my heart over the last 16 years, was the reason for my decision.

A year after sharing her story with BraveLove, we captured her story on film. Watch it here.