Celebrating Birthdays


Hey friends! I write to you with such joy in my heart. This week I have several friends with children having birthdays. It’s such a joy to celebrate life! And it got me thinking…how do you celebrate your child’s life?

My amazing, loving husband and my children have a bit of a tradition for my son’s birthday. We get a sweet treat, put a candle in it (each of us have one), and we each say a silent prayer or wish for him. Then, we sing Happy Birthday to him and blow out “his” candles. I did it on my own at first, but now that my family is getting old enough to understand more of who this child is, my son and their half-brother, I get to share this with them. It is great to let them ask questions and celebrate him too. I love that my daughter made him a birthday card this year!

It’s funny because some people might wonder about this, but I think it is good and right and necessary. Let me tell you why…

When I placed him for adoption, I wanted him to grow up knowing that he is adopted. I wanted him to know that part of his story and I didn’t want it to be traumatic. The same goes for the children I am parenting. Can you imagine if I demanded that Dylan’s parents tell him the truth and then I didn’t do the same with the children I am parenting? It would be traumatic on some level. All of my children deserve the truth.

And let’s face it. The truth can hurt, especially if self-inflicted. We don’t have to be afraid of the truth though. These moments, the hard questions, the painful truth are opportunities for growth. It’s just another way that God is redeeming me through my story.

So, birthdays…

How do you celebrate? Do you do something similar to me? What about reading a story inside a book that can record your voice and sending it to your little one? What about a Build-a-Bear every year, where you pack love inside? What about a coffee date with yourself? What about retelling your child’s birth story in writing or to a loved one?

Whatever you do, I hope you celebrate. These are lives that God created and they are worthy to be celebrated!

Love you, friends! Be encouraged. Be truthful!

- Michelle 

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