From Love and Back Again — Clay's Story

Watch this short film to discover how Clay's adoption story changed not only the trajectory of his life but the way he views fatherhood and family. 

Clay spent years trying to perform to get people to pick him, because of the fact that at his earliest moment, he fundamentally perceived he wasn’t chosen. As an adoptive father, Clay found a connection point with his son on wrestling with your identity.

Years later, when Clay's birth mom Priscilla reached out to pursue a relationship with him, Clay was overwhelmed. Unsure if this was the right decision, he chose to trust that there was something richer to be had in potentially meeting his birth mom.

Little did Clay know that the letter he received would change everything. Seeing where his birth mom came from gave him greater empathy and understanding of everything she had gone through to choose life for him.

"When I think about all the choices my adoptive parents had to make to choose to love me, to choose me to be their son, and to choose me to be in their family...
And when I look at what Priscilla went through to choose to place me for adoption, to make this brave choice...
It weaves for me as an adoptee, and now even as an adoptive father, the fundamental element that this is about a choice, day in and day out - to build a family."

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