Coming Together: Our third Roundtable

BraveLove Roundtable friends

BraveLove is on a mission, and we are getting closer to releasing the details of our newest project to all of you! Last month, we hosted our third Roundtable discussion to build upon ideas gathered from our previous Roundtable held in April. This time, we gathered with a new group from pregnancy centers and organizations around DFW to discuss in greater detail this exciting new video project. This group shared their insight, knowledge and expertise for the sake of furthering our mission - to change the perception of adoption.

There is power in connecting with others, and when we get the chance to sit in the same room with those related to the same cause and discuss, great things can happen. Stay tuned to find out when we will be releasing this project. You won’t be disappointed…

We want to hear your story of connection. Tell us how you are connected to adoption and why you are drawn to the mission of BraveLove.

*Pictured: Our Roundtable friends Janice & Libby at the spring Roundtable.

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