Conversations on Open Adoption - Brindan and Jen, Part I

“How does that work?”
“Won’t that be hard when they get older?”
“Aren’t you afraid the birth mom will want her child back?”

"It’s the constant compassion, it’s the constant openness. You want to make that mother and daughter relationship special, and that’s everything.” - Brindan, birth mom

In the context of domestic infant adoption, open and semi-open adoptions are becoming more of the norm for birth parents and adoptive families these days. There's not a step-by-step guide on how to do it. But it can be helpful to hear how people are navigating this unique family relationship.

Watch the next conversation in our three-part series on open adoption between Brindan and Jen. After you watch it, then what? The best thing you can do is share this link with your friends!

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