Dear BraveLove,

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work with a birth-mom throughout her labor, subsequent C-section and the two days she spent in the hospital with her sweet baby girl.  This mother was 19; this was her third child.  Her first child had been taken away by CPS.  She was parenting her second child and had just returned from a recovery facility in order to “be a better mother”.  She made an adoption plan for this (3rd) child because she “knew this was the best thing”.  She continually sited that she wanted to do what was right for her unborn child and the child she was currently parenting.  Rarely did she mention her own needs and/or desires.  As we sat in the OR while she had a C-section (I was in there because her family never showed up), I just kept thinking…this is brave. 

Originally, the birth-mom did not want to see her child. But, the plans changed. She did want to see her, hold her, love on her. She even ended up naming her. As I watched this mom, lovingly, gently, with all affection hold her daughter, feed her, change her diaper, all while knowing that she would have to let her go soon. It was clear…this was love.

At the relinquishments, this mother had tears in her eyes because of the love she had for her child. But, she also had the courage to offer her children (this baby and her other child) the best life possible. She put her needs and wants aside because of the genuine love she had for her children. Thinking back, it was so obvious what I had witnessed this birth-mom doing throughout the weekend. This was brave love.

Thank you, Lib