I want to say thank you for allowing us to adopt Vika into our family.  It was not an easy decision for you to make and I want you to know that we will love and care for her like she is our own.  She is a very special and capable little girl.  I too found out that my first child, a little girl, had Down syndrome when she was born. It was a very scary time for me and I do not blame you for your decision. 

My little girl is doing very well now, and we have learned so much about caring for a child with Down syndrome. We live in an area that has many programs and opportunities for children with Down syndrome. We have schools with teachers trained to help our little ones learn. We have very good medical care and therapists that help us to care for our daughter and will also help us to care for Vika. Vika will be able to go to school, learn, play sports, swim, dance, sing, travel and many other wonderful things. We will help her to reach her greatest potential. She will have two sisters at home that will be her playmates. We have many friends near us that also have children with Down syndrome. They have been a great support to us. Vika will have many friends and family members that will be so excited to meet her.

We would love to keep in contact with you and send updates and pictures of Vika as she grows. We are so grateful to you for allowing us adopt her and promise we will take very good care of her. Thank you.