December Eve: the last day of National Adoption Month

You’ve probably noticed the surge of adoption info swirling around the world wide web this month like sweet reunion stories, adoption-related events and editorials. (FYI, November is National Adoption Month - in case you missed that memo.) That said, here is our BraveLove recap from National Adoption Month:

  • Have you watched The Gift? If we’ve said it once, we’ll say it again - watch this. Find 10 minutes, put on your Recap of BraveLove's National Adoption Monthheadphones, and watch this short film. We don’t know Amber (the birthmother) personally, but after watching you get a glimpse of her heart. She has graciously shared her story with us. Thank you to Amber, the Millers, and the talented man behind the camera, Jared. We appreciate you sharing your gift with us. Hope to meet you some day.
  • A must-see episode. Don’t worry, no spoilers. A recent Private Practice episode called “Apron Strings” just aired on ABC. It was all about adoption and it was fascinating. Certainly it had its share of TV drama, but we also think it portrayed some realistic conversations and experiences within the adoption community. Well done, ABC! We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the episode.
  • BraveLove Club news. This week we met with some of the student officers to discuss upcoming service opportunities. As soon as the meeting kicked off, the officers asked “Can we do something to raise money for BraveLove?” And our response was a resounding YES! What does that look like? Two words: bake sale. What better time than Christmas and the drudgery of high school exams?! Thank you ladies for being awesome leaders and helping us get the word out about adoption. It’s a beautiful thing. Bake for BraveLove.
  • On the radio. Just after Thanksgiving, we had the opportunity to be on the radio. If you’re in the DFW metroplex, you maybe heard us chatting with Anna DeHaro of Clear Channel. You can listen here.

Even though November is nearing its end, we hope you’ll still track with us here on the blog. We’ve got some big dreams for BraveLove in the months and years ahead, and we want to keep you posted, get you involved and help you tell others about BraveLove within your own circles. Thank you for reading, and have a great weekend! Happy December Eve…