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Each year, less than 2% of unplanned pregnancies result in adoption. You can change that by giving monthly. Whether you give $25 a month or $250, your donation creates pro-adoption media campaigns, broadcasts hopeful adoption stories, and delivers life-changing resources to maternity service providers nationwide. No matter how big or small, your donation consistently empowers women to rethink adoption as a brave choice.

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What our ambassadors have to say:


"BraveLove messaging has taught us a ton about the bravery of birth mothers, helped us spread the story of adoption with more empowering language, and helped to prepare us more for the privilege of raising our child." 

- BAILEY...wife, adoptive mother, Ambassador since 2016


"As a history teacher, I love the stories of people who have chosen to live heroically, following their own consciences above the pressures of convenience and the voices of the crowd. BraveLove’s work offers us a vision of hope through people's stories whose courageous decisions mark them as modern heroes."

- SARAH-GRAHAM...sister, daughter, teacher, Ambassador since 2014


"We are so excited that BraveLove exists to share with women facing unplanned pregnancies the incredible and brave option of adoption. Humbled by the fact that our daughter’s birth mom chose us, we are forever grateful that we get to be called 'mom' and 'dad.'"

- DANA...wife, adoptive mom, speech-language pathologist, Ambassador since summer of 2017

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