Hannah | A Birth Mom & Adoptee from Texas

hannah.jpgOne word to describe how you felt the moment you discovered you were pregnant?


Why did you choose adoption?

I chose adoption because I knew the life I wanted to give my child was different from what I could truly give her.

Who played the biggest role in your decision to place your child for adoption?

My parents were my biggest role models. Since they have been adoptive parents themselves with me and my four other siblings, I knew the positivity of adoption. I also know adoptive parents love their children just as much as biological parents would.

How did you perceive adoption before you placed? And after you placed?

Before placing for adoption I had already known a lot about adoption. Being adopted myself, it was almost just a natural understanding in my life. I didn’t know any different. I thought adoption was all happy. Now having placed I know adoption is every emotion rolled into one amazing decision.

Looking back, what do you wish you had known then that you know today?

I truly don’t regret anything. I worked with so many amazing people and made many new friends through my experience. As hard as placing for adoption was and is, there’s not anything that comes to mind in a large way that I would change.

If you could dispel a myth about adoption or birth mothers - what would you say?

One myth about adoption that I wish would be gone is “You’ll never get to see her again.” Adoption has changed for the better! It’s as open as the birthmother wants it, and as closed as the birthmother wants it.

When, if ever, have you felt most discouraged about your decision to place?

The lowest moment in my decision was the first few nights by myself without my child, feeling empty and lost. But at the same time knowing she was getting everything she needed.

What's been the greatest reward or surprise of being a birthmother?

One of the biggest surprises is how unexpectedly close I feel to the adoptive parents! I knew I would love them and their family, but I absolutely adore them and couldn’t think of a more perfect family!

What's your greatest wish for birth mothers today?

My greatest wish for birthmothers is that they pursue their dreams, and once the time is perfect, that they have the family of their dreams.

What excites you about BraveLove?

The most exciting thing about Brave Love is that they are slowly, one step at a time, changing how the everyday person views adoption.

Where is Hannah now? Watch here.